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Tips and Artical

1 . If I re-download your products, How can I get the licence back?

2 . The best comprehensive Flipbooks sharing methods

3 . Pin rich media on Flash FlipBook to catch eyeball

4 . Embed flash flipbook in existed webpage but create a new one

5 . The best detailed instruction for Tab Design Setting

6. Completely control movie's playing or stopping

7. Flipbook creator and the relevent products allows people hide or show buttons freely

8. Photo to FlipBook make flipping electronic album with common photos

9. Make Word document into flash page flipping book with magical Flipping book publisher

10. How to adjust the output quality of flash flipbook?

11. Recommend several kinds of flash flipping book's sharing methods

12. Can I get compressed zip file for easy mailing as soon as all the flip files created?

13. FlipBook Creator Pro catch your eyes for the five powerful functions

14. Comparison between FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional

15. Do you plan to share flipping book online?

16. Publish flipbook online without your own website?

17. How to install themes & template for FlipBook Creator (Pro)?

18. Teach you make personalized templates of flipbook creator (Pro)


FlipBook Creator

1 . Create flipping-page swf eBook run on PC?

2 . Want to use template to quick make flash flipping book?

3 . Which book existing forms (zip, exe, CD, webpage file) do you require?

4 . How to publish PDF flash flipping page book online?

5 . Enable iPad, iPone, iPod touch, Android and other mobile readers to browse your flash flip page eBook?

6 . When should you choose output type: *.HTML, *.ZIP or *.EXE?

7 . Why only can I import the first 10 pages of PDF?

8 . Print brand, logo or watermark on flash flip eBook?

9 . How to protect output flash flipbook for security?

10 . Why hyperlinks on PDF are not valid after converting to flash page-turning book?

11 . Enable readers to download your flash flipbook to their local PC disk?

12 . Share flash page-turning eBook by email in the form of ZIP or URL?

13 . Export or import template project file?

14 . Are you encountering error "Class not registered"?

15 . Hide bottom toolbar?

16 . How to modify language?

17 . How to hide"Print" or other menu bar buttons?

18 .Do you want to switch solft cover to hard?

19. Can you burn the output flipping magazine to CD/DVD?

20. What does the button "Share" on flipbook’s menu bar do?

21. Make the flip-page brochure showed in full screen?

22. Do you want to put the flash flipbook to center or not?

23. Would you like to hide the flipping book page edge frame bar?

24. Does FlipBook Creator support Arabic language I mean flipping from right to left?

25. When I check the output type "*.exe", how to set it full screen?

26. Can I flip the first and last page directly without successive flipping?

27. Why can’t I get the mobile version flipbook render on Android or iPad?

28. Appoint a special flipping page display initially when open the flipping book?

29. Would you like to put the Menu toolbar on top place of the whole flipping shopping catalog?

30. How to get the upgrade information of FlipBook Creator (Pro)?

31. Change the icon color on tool bar for flash online product catalog?

32. Can I hide the help icon of flipping digital product catalog?

33. How to replace background image with gradient or purer color for digital online catalog?

34. When you export the flip book the search feature does not work?

35. How to set the page thumbnails of flipping product Catalog magazine initial shown?

36. Can I change the bookmark font and color of flipping product catalog?

37. Make the thumbnails of flipping product catalog initial shown?

38. Use the roman number to mark the table of content of flipping product catalog?

39. How can I zoom in the flash flipping catalog with ease?

40. Can I set the PDF catalog flipping page quality before import it?

41. How to prevent readers to print my online flipping book pages?


FlipBook Creator Pro

1. How to make flipping book’s background music play?

2. How to add valid links for the output flipping PDF books or book title?

3. How to design or add bookmarks for the output flip page books?

4. Can I make the output flipping book auto flip?

5. How to self define the button "About" on the bottom menu bar?

6. Can I replace the outer and inner background image or gradient color for flipping book on base of template?

7. Replace the icons on the toolbar of flash page-flipping book?

8. Setup the hyperlinks color when the mouse moves over on the flip page book?

9. How to adjust the flash flipping book’s left and right page shadow?

10.Can I invoke JavaScript methods to the flash flipping book?

11.Would you like to batch convert PDF files to flipping books?

12. Do you want to zoom in page flip book to read more clearly?

13. The easiest method of Embeding images into the pdf flash flip book.

14. Make PDF into the executable flipping (exe) book?

15. How to make mobile version flipping book for iPhone, android phone?

16. Can I add music or song for each separate story in my flash flipping book?

17. Do you want to design gradient color background panel for Flipbook?

18. How to define the output flipping book HTML title, keywords and description?

19. Save current settings of flipping book for future use?

20. Customize templates theme of your own style?

21. Are you finding software can convert PDF to executable flip magazine (exe)?

22. How to view PDF files like a page flipping magazine?

23. Desire more readers share your flash flip book on famous social websites?

24. Can I make flipping magazine run in MAC computer?

25. Want to know how to print logo in every page of flippage book?

26. Control the images stack-up order on flipping magazine's pages?

27. Need small size page-flip book to embed at small web area?

28. Which flipping page do you make as default index when flipbook opened?

29. How do I custom the font color of flipping book's bookmark?

30. Can I change the font color of page-flip book’s searching result?

31. How to print my logo on flash page flipping book?

32. Make bookmark or thumbnail initial shown when flipping book has loaded?

33. Do you make hard cover or soft for flipping book?

34. Can I change the flipping interval of my page-flip magazine?

35. Could you tell me how can I add a preview image to an embedded video?

36. Can I custom the margin of flipping book’s inner panel?

37. Page shadow opacity makes flippage more three-dimensional?

38. Custom your own style icons for the publishing flipping magazine?

39. Can I change the color of flash flipbook window?

40. Save current settings of page flip book template for future repeating use?

41. Do you mute the background music of flipping comic?

42. Can I change the background gradient color angle of flipping magazine?

43. Do you control when play or stop the embedded audio file in flipping pages?

44. FlipBook Creator Pro advanced shortcut keys for fast creating flipping dynamic magazine?

45. How to set the highlight color for the flipping book searching result?

46. Make Flipping Book in CD/flash drive allow clients to download without internet?

47. Flipping e-publications in the form of exe allow downloading?


FlipBook Creator for MAC

1. How to make flipping book or catalog on MAC?


Word to FlipBook

1. Make word document pages flip horizontally like a book?

2. Why texture background disappears after convert word to flash flipbook?